Friday, December 31st, 2021
West Monroe finished 2021 with 423 calls.
Wednesday, January 1st, 2020
The West Monroe Fire Department finished 2019 with 347 calls. This was fifty-one calls fewer than 2018 (398 calls), and was comparable to 2017 (346 calls).
Monday, November 18th, 2019
The West Monroe fire department answered call #300 of 2019, which was a motor vehicle accident call.Call #300 occurred on November 18, 2019, the 322nd day of the year.
Thursday, August 8th, 2019
The West Monroe fire department answered call #200 of 2019, which was an EMS call.Call #200 occurred on August 8, 2019, the 220th day of the year.
About us

The West Monroe Fire Department, located at 54 County Route 11 in the town of West Monroe, is in south eastern Oswego County. We serve the West Monroe Fire Protection District, a primarily suburban and country territory which includes several miles of Oneida Lake and State Route 49. (The town of West Monroe contracts with the Brewerton Fire Department to protect the Big Bay land area portion of town.) Founded in 1978, as West Monroe Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. We have a common Board of Directors composed of members of the Department.

Hazards in our first due area include the Mirabito Propane filling plant, several mobile home parks, and large portions of Onieda Lake. In addition, we offer primary fire protection for a population of 4,500. We have over 50 volunteers operating 3 pieces of fire suppression apparatus, one Heavy Rescue truck, one light Rescue, one Tanker, one Air Boat and a Boston Whaler Rescue Boat. On average, we run about 350 calls a year, the bulk of which are
EMS calls or vehicle accidents.

Fire Department Charter Members

Luigi Anelli
Richard Baxter
William Bellows
Bruce Bisbo
Neil Brownell
Ronald Casolare
William Chapman
Leon Clement
Michael Corbett
Ernest Corlis
James Cunningham
John Degraw
John DeMong
Donald Farewell
Robert Foster
Daniel Eiffe
Bruce Faust
James Fay
Elwin Fisher
Vaughn Fisher
Terry Fergerson
Alfred Gerisch
Kenneth Glazier
Ned Green
Gladys Halliday
Paul Hoyt
Richard Johnson
James Kelley
Ronald Kingsley
Ernest Ludlow
Claude Miller
Neil Morey
Richard Redhead
John M. Revell
John T. Revell
David Rowe III
Richard Sankey
Lester Schaad Sr.
Carl Schonborg
Arnold Shaw
Randall Shaw
Michael Sheehan
John Thayer
Elet Vollmer
William Walker
Thomas Wise

Auxillary Charter Members

Barbara Anelli
Gretchen Baxter
Carol Bellows
Brenda Bisbo
Jerrie Ann Brownell
Pat Chapman
Peggy Clement
Dottie Corbett
Joan Corlis
Marion Cosby
Nancy Degraw
Sue DeMong
Nancy Eiffe
Joyce Fisher
Donna Fisher
Norma Foster
Mary Ann Gerisch
Kathy Hoyt
Loretta Judge
Barbara Kingsley
Ruth Ann Maher
Eldora Miller
Jean Morey
Marie Nageldinger
Donna Peregoy
Annie Redhead
Yvonne Redhead
Jean Revell
Judy Rogers
Donna Sankey
Beverly Schaad
Peggy Seymour
Denise Shaw
Bonnie Sheehan
Ann Walker
Jan Wise



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