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Mon. Apr 13th 2015
Fire Department Answers Call #100 for 2015

The West Monroe Fire Department responded to Call #100 for the year on Monday, April 13, 2015.This was ten days later than la...

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Wed. Dec 31st 2014
Fire Department Finishes Year with 373 Calls

The West Monroe Fire Department finished 2014 with 373 calls.

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Thu. Aug 14th 2014
WMFD Welcomes New Members

The West Monroe Fire Department is proud to announce the acceptance of 2 new probationary members at our August Meeting.Welco...

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Welcome to West Monroe Volunteer Fire Department


Governor Cuomo Extends Brush Burning Ban Until May 21



As of Saturday afternoon, May 2, 2015, the West Monroe Fire Department has responded to four brush fires in the last 24 hours. Several of these were of human origin (that is, not from things like lightning or other natural causes).

A reminder: New York State is still under a statewide open burn ban until May 15. In addition, conditions are very dry, so please be careful with your combustible materials, including cigarette butts.

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The West Monroe Fire Department held a Saturday morning drill on May 2, 2015, covering forcible entry and SCBA training. Toward the end of drill, the department was dispatched on a brush fire in Toad Harbor.

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Drill -- Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drill Tuesday night was practicing techniques with the SCBA(Air Packs) and interior search and rescue using the county smoke trailer. 


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The West Monroe Fire Department responded to Call #100 for the year on Monday, April 13, 2015.

This was ten days later than last year, when the department answered call #100 on April 3.

It is still the seventh earliest date the department answered its 100th call for the year.

The members of the West Monroe Volunteer Fire Department honor Charter Member Bill Walker.

Bill, the father of our Vice President Mike Walker, Auxiliary Member Colleen Armani, and grandfather of RAM member Devin Walker, passed away this week.

We have been asked if someone wanted to make a donation to the fire department in memory of Bill, how to get it to us. Donations in memory of Bill may be sent to West Monroe Fire Department, P.O. Box 29, West Monroe, NY 13167.

Drill 03-24-15

Initial fire attack drill.

CLICK HERE for more pictures of this drill

Drill 3-31-15

Tonight's drill was a maintenance night. We did maintenance on the trucks, equipment, and some items in the station.

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On March 17th 2015 The Fire Department conducted a Lake Rescue Drill

Pictured is EMT Lisa Legrow evaluating a patient from a simulated snowmobile accident

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On March 14th 2015 the West Monroe Fire Department held it's annual banquet.

Pictured above are the Restricted Age Members(RAM) being recognized for their outstanding contributions in 2015. 

Click here for more pictures from the banquet. 

Were you on NYS Route 49 Wednesday, March 11, and found it closed between Helinger Road and County Route 37?

Here's why. The West Monroe Fire Department was dispatched at 07:52 to a propane leak. The fire department responded and upon arrival and verifying the leak, closed NYS Route 49 to a safe distance. The incident was safely contained and Route 49 re-opened just after 11:00 a.m.

We thank you for your patience in the inconvenience that was caused by the fire department working to keep everyone as safe as possible in a potentially very hazardous situation.

On Tuesday evening, February 24, 2015, the West Monroe Fire Department spent its evening drill hours shoveling out hydrants around the town of West Monroe. Access to hydrants is very important year around, and snow and ice can keep us from getting to the hydrants when we need them. If there's a hydrant near your house, we hope you consider shoveling out around them when possible.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Sunday, February 15, 2015 pancake breakfast.

Our next pancake breakfast will be Sunday, March 29th (Palm Sunday) from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

The West Monroe Fire Department finished 2014 with 373 calls total.

Drill 12-16-2014 

Tonight's drill we practiced proper use of devices we use to carry patients that are either sick or injured. These are basic but important skills for a lot of the work we do. 

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On 12-7-14 the West Monroe Fire Department responded to a Motor Vehicle Crash at about 12:15 AM. 

Rescue 3361, Engine 3312, Chief Davis, Assistant Chief Giamartino, and several fire police responded. Crews used several tools including the Jaws of Life to extricate one occupant. Crews returned to service about 1:30 AM.

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On Tuesday 12-4-14 West Monroe responded mutual aid to Constantia for a structure fire. 

Rescue 3361 and Assistant Chief Giamartino responded to the scene with 10 firefighters. Rescue 3363, Chief Davis, Assistant Chief Sikora along with several fire police handled traffic on State Route 49 as the roadway was shutdown going through Constantia. 

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On Saturday November 15th the West Monroe Fire Department held a joint training exercise with a unit from the NY National Guard. The firefighters were trained in safe operations around the National Guard's medivac helicopters and the Guard members were trained in skills using their new rescue tools.  WE thank the National Guard members for their time on a Saturday and for their service to our country. 

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The annual Visit from Santa will be on Saturday December 13th all day. 



On Tuesday 11-11-14 several members of the fire department attended training at the Oswego County Emergency Response Training Center. The firefighters practiced escape bailouts, forcible entry and ventilation. 

Click to see more pictures Pictures.



Team Building Drill 10-21-14

Kara our team building coach organized a great drill.

The Winning team

Jack, James, Jon, and Kelley

Tricia, Gabby, Nancy, Jordan, Dexter

Russ, Lisa, Diane, Sam

Tyler, Steve, Haley, Jeff

Additional picture at this LINK


The West Monroe Fire Department responded to call #300 for the year on Saturday, September 27, 2014, the 270th day of the year.

The fire department is now selling 911 Signs. This is a fund raising activity and also a community service project. These signs are to be placed near the road side to assist emergency responders in locating your home should there be an emergency. These reflective signs are 18" x 6" and have 4" reflective numbers on each side. Please click here to get a form that you can print off and return with your payment. The signs cost $20. You do not need to live in West Monroe to order a sign.



Congratulations to FF Gabby Fortino. Gabby has just completed and graduated from FF1 Boot Camp.

This was an intense 2 week training program that members need to have to fight structure fires.

The Members of the West Monroe Fire Department have been very busy with training.

Each Tuesday night we meet and practice various skills related to the job we do. below are some of our more recent drills.


Firefighters after drill on 3-25-2014

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In March we conducted a Self contained Breathing Apparatus drills.

This drill is designed to improve both confidence and efficiency for our interior firefighters.

(Above) Firefighters use their hoods to block off their visibility,

this is a simulation of being inside a smoke filled building

(Below) Firefighters practice low profile escapes simulating an escape from

a tight spot inside a building.

Click here for more pictures of this drill

On July 8th we practiced EMS skills. EMS calls are the majority of our alarms through the year.

We invited SOVAC Ambulance to come down so we could train on their equipment that we often help them with.

(above) Firefighters practice their skills at handling the patient stretcher

(below) Firefighters practice with the stair chair

Click here to see more pictures of this drill

The firefighters practiced initial fire attack and water supply on July 15.

This drill is intended to refresh and refine our skills on the basics of firefighting. 

(above) Our first due Engine 3311 is set up with a prot-a-pond simulating a

fire in our non hydrant district.

(above) Tanker 3351 fills the port-a-tank with the water Engine 3311 will use to supply water to the firefighters

(below) Firefighters advance a hose line

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